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Capacitance with removable cover, with function• germination of seeds, cuttings, and growing of seedlings is much faster;• thanks to a homogeneous microclimate throughout the volume, all seedlings are equally healthy.• an optimally installed microclimate eliminates the drying or waterlogging of soil, seeds, seedlings or cuttings, which significantly reduces the likelihood of rotting or disease seedlings, as well as their rejection;• Even an inexpensive propagator, equipped with the simplest automation, makes the care of plants extremely simple and reduces labor costs many times.• takes up very little space, easily transferred anywhere - to the window, the loggia or to the street;• Due to its closed structure from the bottom, the flow of water from the propagator is prevented, which always causes inconvenience when using seed boxes;• the propagator can grow not only seedlings, but also fresh greens, and also it is possible to germinate grains of wheat, oats, barley, thus providing itself with a healthy vitaminized food.

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