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Ballast for MH/HPS

An electronic ballast is an electronic switch used in the power supply circuit of a discharge lamp to raise the mains voltage frequency to 20-50 kHz. Such a ballast does not require the bulk of a ballast (choke) or a separate starter.Advantages of a high frequency transformer:high supply voltage increases the efficiency of the fluorescent lamp due to more efficient excitation of the fluorescent filament;the lamp lights faster;the lamp life is extended;the flicker of the light caused by the mains frequency (50 Hz) is eliminated;the absence of a choke significantly reduces the dimensions, mass and noise of the ballast;energy losses are reduced, in particular due to the absence of losses in the choke core and windings.Some high-frequency converters have the possibility to control the brightness of the lamps, i.e. to implement a dimmable electronic ballast.

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