We started our activity in 2009 in Estonia. Due to the increasing number of clients in Latvia, we decided to open a store in Riga.

Lively communication and care for our customers has always motivated us — and we are happy to help by sharing our knowledge and experience.

We are happy to participate in various projects related to modern crop production: we cooperate with schools, help to plan and set up exhibition stands, advise start-up entrepreneurs when starting crop production projects (microgreens, hydroponics, automation, industrial and CBD hemp, etc.).

Our goal is to popularize progressive, modern and world-wide plant cultivation methods in the Baltic States. We offer you everything you need for their development in our store.

We are convinced that getting closer to Nature awakens our best feelings. We are all part of Nature and we want to feel connected to it. We can recreate this natural symbiosis when we take care of our favorite plants at home or in the garden. In turn, they always delight us with their vigorous growth, blooms and positive energy.