Guano Diffusion - Guanodiff Bloom - 0.5kg

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NPK 2.5–6.5–10 for flowering and fructification: bat guano mixed with sugar beet root vinasse. 100% organic and natural fertilizer. Usable in organic agriculture.

GUANODIFF BLOOM for flowering and fructification

GUANODIFF BLOOM has been especially designed to sustain the flowering and fructification phases of development of plants. It is a 100% organic fertilizer rich in bat guano mixed with extracts of sugar beet vinasse. As such, it both boosts the yield of harvests and enhances their organoleptic properties.

GUANODIFF BLOOM is naturally rich is phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and amino-acids. As such, it is a great source of essential nutrients that are needed for luxurious and qualitative harvests.

Sugars and carbohydrates brought by GUANODIFF BLOOM to your plants have a direct influence on the synthesis of sugars by them. Combined with the properties of bat guano, it significantly increases the output of harvests and sublimates the aromas of both flowers and fruits.

User guide: Add and mix GUANODIFF BLOOM with your substrate as soon as the flowering phase starts and in the following proportions: 10g of GUANODIFF BLOOM per L of substrate. You can also add this fertilizer to your substrate after harrowing it.

GUANODIFF BLOOM releases its nutrients progressively over a period of 10 weeks. If you decide to use it, there is no need to supplement it with additional flowering fertilizers.

GUANODIFF BLOOM is guaranteed free of mineral additives.

Key nutrients

• Potassium 10%

• Phosphorus 6,5%

• Nitrogen 2,5%

+ Polysaccharides, carbohydrates

Secondary nutrients and trace elements

• Calcium 17%

• Magnesium 0,7%

• Iron 0,63%

• Manganese 0,08%

• Boron 26mg/kg

Key charcateristics

• Boosts flowers and fruits’ growth and ripening

• Enables higher yields

• Aroma and flavour booster