Root Pouch Grey 8L no handles

Root Pouch
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Natural fibers 260 g/m2 allow for both in-ground and above ground growing. No handles. 21x21cm.

Fabric made from a blend of recycled plastic water bottles & natural fibers. 4-5 year in-ground lifespan, lasts multiple seasons above ground.

Black fabric line raises the bar by reducing watering requirements, eliminating need to spade off roots, and giving you a better plant.

Even in above-ground situations, our Black line is a go-to choice for those wanting to have evenly distributed water, a temperate root zone, and a well-pruned root ball. 

The heaviest natural fiber blend we manufacture, our Black fabric produces a dense, fibrous root ball ready to be transported even after up to 5 years in-ground. And because it’s all inside the Root Pouch, harvesting and transporting your larger in-ground plants is simpler, quicker, and safer for the roots.