Plagron Easy Pack 100% Terra

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The Easy Pack 100% TERRA contains all the nutrients you need to grow four plants from start to finish. Depending on pot size, watering frequency and watering amount you can grow on average four plants with this pack. It contains our mineral base nutrients for the grow and flowering phase and our 4-in-1 star product Green Sensation. The combination of products in this pack ensures a great taste of your end result and a legendary yield. It’s that easy!

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Dosage and use

Inside your Easy Pack you’ll find a manual with our grow schedule. Follow this grow schedule and the indicated dosages for every week/period. There are enough nutrients for up to 8 weeks grow phase and up to 8 weeks flowering phase.* So no worries if your grow phase is longer than the indicated 2 weeks on the grow schedule. Just repeat the amount of nutrients of the final grow week.

*Considering your plants are in 5.5 liter pots, with a watering frequency of 3 times a week (0.5 liter per plant/pot).


250 ml Terra Grow (NPK 3-1-3)

250 ml Terra Bloom (NPK 2-2-4)

50 ml Green Sensation (NPK 0-9-10)


This Easy Pack contains 100% TERRA base nutrients and the popular additive Green Sensation.