Hydro Cloner 27 (ex. Cutting Board 27, GHE) Terra Aquatica

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The best choice for small projects and a key instrument for plant collectors.

The HydroCloner® 27 is an ideal system to get a vigorous and healthy root mass, that will easily adapt to the different environments into which they will be transplanted, be it in hydroponics or in soil. It is a key system for small projects and a practical instrument for all.

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GHE systems are made from 100% recycled, UV stabilised plastic for root protection, sustainability and long service life. They are easy to setup, and easy to use. Our coconut coir substrates are clean, light, and exceptionally well stabilised for reliable performance.

GHE has over 20 years of experience building some the world's most efficient and effective hydroponic systems; from single plant culture to industrial scale installations, and pure hydro to organics with coco and smart pots - we have it covered.

Size:(cm LxWxH) 66x30x14

Effective capacity: (Litre) 13